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New Appliances
Six new appliances for six apartments make a medium Logic Puzzle.
December 11, 2006
From the introduction, the Summerset Apartments have two apartments on each of the three floors, with those on the east side of the building numbered 1E, 2E, and 3E from bottom-to-top and the apartments on the west side of the building numbered 1W, 2W, and 3W from bottom-to-top. By clue 10, Kate and the tenant who got a new stove share one floor of the building, while by clue 4, Lisa and Mr. Price share a floor. These must be two different floors of the building. By clue 7, Jeff and the person who had the dryer replaced share a floor. Since Jeff didn't get the new stove (13), the floors in clues 7 and 10 cannot be the same. Since Lisa didn't have her dryer replaced (2), the floors in clues 4 and 7 must be different. So, in each of clues 4, 7, and 10, a different floor of the building is named. By clue 3, Ms. Underwood has the apartment directly above the person who got a new washing machine. Since the washing machine didn't go into Kate's apartment (12), the floor on which the person who got the washing machine isn't in clue 10. Since neither Lisa (2) nor Mr. Price (12) got the washing machine, the floor on which the person who got the washing machine lives isn't in clue 4. By clue 7, Jeff got the washing machine and lives on the same floor as the person who got a new dryer. Again, by clue 3, Ms. Underwood lives directly above Jeff. Ms. Underwood isn't Misty, who lives directly above Ian (9). If Ms. Underwood were Kate, the person who got a new stove would live directly above the one who got the dryer (10). Since Ms. Underwood didn't get a new microwave (8), by clue 11, the person who did get a microwave would have to live above the one who had the stove replaced, Mr. Olsen. By clue 9, Mr. Olsen would be Ian, and Misty would be the tenant who got the microwave. However, from earlier, Lisa and Mr. Price then would share this floor in the building--impossible given this arrangement. So, Ms. Underwood is Lisa, and Mr. Price lives above the person who got a new dryer. By clue 11, Mr. Price's new appliance is the microwave, and Mr. Olsen got the dryer. Ian is Mr. Price, and Misty lives above him (9). Misty got the stove, and Kate lives above Lisa (10). By elimination, Mr. Olsen is Hank. By clue 5, Lisa had her refrigerator replaced, and Jeff is Trent. By clue 6, Misty is Ramos; and Kate Sanders got a new dishwasher. Kate Sanders lives in Apt. 3E (1), with Misty in 3W. Lisa lives in 2E, Ian in 2W, Jeff in 1E, and Hank in 1W. In sum, the new appliances were delivered to the Summerset Apartments as follows:

  • 3E -- Kate Sanders, dishwasher
  • 3W -- Misty Ramos, stove
  • 2E -- Lisa Underwood, refrigerator
  • 2W -- Ian Price, microwave
  • 1E -- Jeff Trent, washing machine
  • 1W -- Hank Olsen, dryer

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