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The Cable Guy
The Cable Guy makes repairs and installs service in five Saturday appointments.
October 9, 2006
From the introduction, Jim had appointments at 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 a.m. and at 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. By clue 2, his appointment at the Morris house was two hours earlier than his visit to the house on School Ave.; while by clue 10, his appointment to restore TV service was two hours before his trip to the house on Church Blvd. Therefore, either the trip to the Morrises or the appointment to restore TV service was at 9:00 with the other of the two at 11:00 a.m. If the appointment to repair the TV connection were at 9:00 a.m. and the appointment at the Morris home at 11:00, the trip to Church Blvd. would have been at 11:00 (clue 10) and the one to School Ave. would have been at 1:00 (2). By clue 3, the appointment to repair telephone service would have been at 1:00 with the Pearson visit at 2:00. Neither the Pearsons (1) nor the Church Ave. address (8) was having internet problems, so the family having trouble with their internet connectivity had the 10:00 appointment. By clue 7, then, Jim would have been at the Hansons at 1:00 and at Airport Way at 2:00. By clue 6, his first stop would have been on Elm St., to repair the TV connection--no (4). Therefore, Jim's first stop wasn't at the house with problems with TV service and was at the Morris house and his appointment on School Ave. at 11:00 (2). The TV repair was at 11:00 and the trip to Church Blvd. at 1:00 in clue 10. Neither the appointment on Valley Rd. (6) nor the one on Airport Way (7) was at 9:00, so the one on Elm St. was. By clue 7, the Hansons had the 1:00 and the family on Airport Way the 2:00 appointment; the 10:00 was on Valley Rd. Neither the Pearsons (1) nor the Jensons (5) is the family on School Ave. who had problems with their TV service, so the Nixons are. In clue 3, the family whose telephone connection was down had either the 9:00 or the 1:00 appointment. If they had the 9:00 and the Pearsons then the 10:00, neither the Pearsons (1), the family on Airport Way (7), nor the Hansons on Church Blvd. (8) would have had problems with their internet service. So, the family whose telephone connection was down had the 1:00 appointment and the Pearsons then had the 2:00 (3). By elimination, the Jensons had the 10:00 appointment. Neither the Morrises on Elm St. (4) nor the Jensons (9) is the family who had Noncomcast installed, so the Pearsons did. Finally, by clue 11, the Morrises were having internet problems and the Jensons had a faulty modem. In sum, cable repairman Jim Carey's five appointments on Saturday were

  • 9:00 -- Morris, Elm St., internet connection problem
  • 10:00 -- Jenson, Valley Rd., faulty modem
  • 11:00 -- Nixon, School Ave., TV service problem
  • 1:00 -- Hanson, Church Blvd., telephone connection problem
  • 2:00 -- Pearson, Airport Way, install Noncomcast cable

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