Comic Strips
Comic strip creators remember their newspaper debuts.
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In Sunday's comics section, Capp and four other longtime cartoonists syndicated by the Omni Press celebrated the anniversaries of their comic strips' newspaper debuts with reruns of their very first strips. The five, including the creator of Filbert, have a total of 66 years experience drawing their comical characters. Given the clues below, can you find each artist's full name, the name of his popular comic strip, and how many years the strip has been syndicated?

  1. Of the four creators who have won a Snoopy for Best Comic Strip, Chuck has been doing his strip twice as long as Schultz has been drawing his, and Dave has had his strip in the Sunday papers twice as long as the creator of Rocky Rodeo.
  2. Art has been drawing his strip longer than the cartoonist who draws Sock; the Sock artist isn't fellow celebrant Adams.
  3. Walker isn't the one who draws Goobers.
  4. Young's comic strip has been syndicated by Omni Press 4 years longer than L'il Lil has, while L'il Lil has been in the Sunday funnies 6 years longer than Bill's work.
  5. Walker made his newspaper debut earlier than Ed, who isn't the one who draws L'il Lil.
  6. Bill, who isn't Schultz, and the creator of Rocky Rodeo have both seen their work made into feature films.
  7. The cartoonist who made his debut last of the five has been drawing his strip for 6 years.