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Books for Children
Art Author's five series of animal adventures stir young imaginations.
May 16, 2005
By clue 10, the most number of books Art has written in a series is 24 and the fewest is 10. By clue 1, the series about the Owls has 8 more titles in it than the series starring Booboo; while by clue 4, the series featuring Bumblebees has 8 more books in it than the one with Ike and friend. Since from the introduction each series has a different number of titles in it, Booboo and Ike cannot be an animal duo or the Owls and Bumblebees would be featured in the same number of Art Author books. If Booboo were one of the Bumblebees or Ike were one of the Owls, then combining the clues would give totals of at least 10 (clue 10), 18, and 26 books in the series--no (10). So, four different series are named in clues 1 and 4. By clue 2, the series featuring Chowder as a character has twice as many titles in it as the one co-starring Noodle. Noodle isn't paired with Booboo or Ike (7). If Noodle were an Owl or a Bumblebee, then from clues 10, 1 or 4, and 2, Chowder's series would have at least 36 books in it--no (10). So, Noodle is in the fifth series to the four named in clues 1 and 4. Given that the most books in a series is 24 (10), the two series starring Booboo (1) and Ike (4) could have at most 16 titles in them. If Chowder were paired with either, then Noodle and his series partner would have appeared in 8 books (2), contradicting clue 10. Chowder also isn't one of the Owls (5), so he must be one of the Bumblebees. If the series with Ike in it had the low of 10 books, Chowder and fellow Bumblebee would be in 18 (4) and Noodle then in 9 (2), impossible. So, either Booboo or Noodle is in the series with 10 titles in it. If Booboo and fellow animal were in 10 books, the Owls would be in 18 (1). Then the Bumblebees, Chowder and friend, would be in the most books, 24 (10), with Ike and co-star in 16 (4) and Noodle and partner in 12 (2). By clue 6, then, Chip would be Ike's series co-star, and Noodle would be one of the Mice--no (2). So, Noodle and fellow character must be in the fewest books, 10 (10). Chowder and fellow Bumblebee are in 20 (2), with Ike and friend in 12 (4). The Owls must be in 24 (10) books and Booboo and buddy in 16 (1). By clue 6, Chip and co-star are in 4 more books than the Mice. Since Ike isn't a Mouse (4), Chip isn't Booboo's partner and must be Chowder's; Booboo is one of the Mice. By clue 8, Samuel must be Booboo's co-star; and Ike is one of the Squirrels. By elimination, Noodle is a Donkey. By clue 3, Jake must be a Squirrel and Jeremy an Owl. finally, Muggsy is in the series with Noodle and Tub with Jeremy (9). In sum, the number of books Art Author has written in each childrens book series is

  • Tub & Jeremy, Owls, 24
  • Chip and Chowder, Bumblebees, 20
  • Booboo and Samuel, Mice, 16
  • Ike and Jake, Squirrels, 12
  • Noodle and Muggsy, Donkeys, 10

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