Books for Children
Art Author's five series of animal adventures stir young imaginations.
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Writer Art Author pens five series of childrens books, each featuring a fictional animal duo, with one chronicling the adventures of Tub and co-star. The two characters in each series are the same kind of animal, and each series currently has a different number of titles in it. Given the clues below, can you determine the animal duo starring in each series, the kind of animal they are, and the number of books Art Author has written about them so far?

  1. The series featuring the Owls has 8 more books in it than the series with Booboo as one of the characters.
  2. The number of books with Chowder in them is twice the number in which Noodle, who isn't a Mouse, is featured.
  3. Jeremy is in more books than Jake, who isn't in the Donkeys series.
  4. There are 8 more Bumblebees titles than there are books with Ike, who isn't one of the Mice, in them.
  5. Chowder isn't one of the wise Owls.
  6. The series with Chip as a character has 4 more books in it than the one starring the Mice.
  7. Noodle's adventurous sidekick is neither Booboo nor Ike.
  8. The Squirrels appear in 4 fewer books than Samuel and friend.
  9. Muggsy and mate aren't in the series with the most titles.
  10. The most number of books Art has written in a series is 24 and the fewest is 10.