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Outlet Bargains
Shoppers save money with best buys from Summerset Outlets.
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May 2, 2005
Last Saturday, Marie and four friends shopped for bargains at Summerset Outlets, a mall housing outlet stores of nationally-known companies. Each woman bought one different item from a different mall store, with one shopping at Interval. Given the data below, can you determine what item each purchased, the store from which she bought it, and how much she spent on her bargain buy?

  1. The five spent a total of $240, with the smallest purchase being $25.
  2. The purse one woman bought didn't cost the most.
  3. The sweater cost its buyer $10 more than the item purchased at Mango Nation cost.
  4. Leah spent $50 more than the woman who bought at the Cricket outlet.
  5. Jenny's purchase cost twice as much as the windbreaker another bought.
  6. Nina spent twice as much as the woman who bought something--not the purse--at Expressions.
  7. Neither Kami nor Leah is the friend who bought a new pair of jeans.
  8. The women who bought the shoes and the item from the Ann Tyler store had Chinese food for lunch at the Summerset Outlets food court.

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