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Art Exhibits
Local artists show off their work at the Summerset Gallery.
April 11, 2005
By clue 1, immediately after viewing the exhibit of photographs, Pablo went up 1 floor to see Nina's work, then went down 2 floors to see Ms. Wyeth's exhibit. Therefore, Nina's exhibit, the photographs, and Ms. Wyeth's art are on floors 3, 2, and 1; 4, 3, and 2; or 5, 4, and 3 of the Summerset Gallery respectively. By clue 7, immediately after seeing Monica's work, Pablo went up 2 floors to see Ms. Pollock's exhibit. Monica can't be the photographer, since Pablo went up 1 floor after seeing the photography exhibit. Monica can't be Ms. Wyeth, since if Pablo went up 2 floors after visiting Ms. Wyeth he would return to Nina's exhibit--by the intro Pablo visited each exhibit once. So, Monica is the 4th artist to the three in clue 1. The three artists in clue 1 can't have their exhibits on the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st, since Monica then would be on the 4th or 5th floor--impossible by clue 7. If the three artists in clue 1 had their exhibits on floors 4 (Nina), 3 (photography), and 2 (Ms. Wyeth), since Monica is none of the three, by clue 7, Monica would have her exhibit on the 1st floor and the photographs would be by Ms. Pollock. By clue 5, then, Nina would be exhibiting jewelry--but Pablo can't have gone 2 floors down (clue 1) and 1 floor up (5) after visiting Nina. So, in clue 1, Nina's exhibit is on the 5th, the photographs on the 4th, and Ms. Wyeth's work on the 3rd floor of the gallery. By clue 7, Monica's exhibit is on the 2nd floor and Ms. Pollock's on the 4th. By clue 5, the 1st floor exhibit is of jewelry, and Monica is Sargent. We also now have the order in which Pablo saw the exhibits: jewelry, Monica Sargent's (5), Ms. Pollock's (7) photos, Nina's, and Ms. Wyeth's (1). By clue 3, Nina is Ms. Moses and the jewelry exhibitor is Ms. Church. By clue 2, Paula is Ms. Pollock. Then Olivia is Ms. Wyeth, and Nina is exhibiting her oil paintings (6). By elimination, Ms. Church is Lisa. By clue 4, the sculpture exhibit is on the 3rd and the miniature watercolors on the 2nd floor. In sum, the five exhibits are at Summerset Gallery as follows:

  • 5th floor - Nina Moses, oil paintings
  • 4th floor - Paula Pollock, photographs
  • 3rd floor - Olivia Wyeth, sculpture
  • 2nd floor - Monica Sargent, miniature watercolors
  • 1st floor - Lisa Church, jewelry

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