Art Exhibits
Local artists show off their work at the Summerset Gallery.
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Last week, art critic Pablo Monet made a trip to the Summerset Gallery to see the five current exhibits, each by a different local artist, including one by Ms. Church. Each exhibit featured a different art form, with one a show of miniature watercolors; and each was on a different floor, 1st-5th, of the gallery. Pablo viewed each exhibit only once during his visit. From the clues below, can you find the full name of each artist (one first name is Lisa), the art form in which she works, and the floor of the Summerset Gallery on which her work is showing?

  1. Immediately after viewing the photography exhibit, Pablo Monet went up 1 floor to see Nina's exhibit, after which he immediately descended 2 floors to Ms. Wyeth's show.
  2. Paula's exhibit, which isn't the jewelry one, wasn't the last one the critic visited.
  3. Pablo's first stop wasn't Ms. Moses' exhibit.
  4. The sculpture exhibit isn't on the 2nd floor of the Summerset Gallery.
  5. Immediately after visiting the jewelry exhibit, Pablo went up 1 floor to Ms. Sargent's show.
  6. Pablo saw Olivia's work immediately after viewing the oil paintings.
  7. Immediately after he viewed Monica's exhibit, the critic went up 2 floors to Ms. Pollock's show.