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City All-Stars
Ten talented players make the Central City All-Star boys basketball team.
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March 14, 2005
When the Central City Courier announced the city all-star boys basketball team in Sunday's paper, Frazer and nine other hoops stars made the 1st and 2nd teams, each of which is composed of a center, two forwards, and two guards. Each of the six City League teams has at least one all-star player whose photo and season highlights were featured in the Sports section of the newspaper. Given the clues below, can you determine the 1st and 2nd all-star team rosters: the position, full name (one first name is Dan) and high school of each player selected?

  1. Only one school has three Central City All-Star players. No school has two players named to the same all-star position.
  2. All-star Malone isn't one of the guards.
  3. Lincoln High's King, who isn't Alex, is the only sophomore among the 10.
  4. In one game during the season, the 1st team guard who is Washington High's sole all-star--who isn't Robinson--scored more points in a losing effort than fellow 1st team players Tony and Bird (who isn't Nick) did combined for the winning team.
  5. John is one of the four City All-Star guards.
  6. The five players on the Courier's 1st team are Mark, Nick, Johnson, the 1st team center, and the one of Wilson High's all-star players who made the 1st team.
  7. The five players on the newspaper's 2nd all-City team are Brad, Chris Stockton, Roosevelt High's only all-star, and the two 2nd team forwards.
  8. In the city title game, 2nd team players Steve and Ewing led their squad against Jefferson and their one all-star player, who was named a 1st team forward by the paper.
  9. All-star forward West is his school's only all-star team member.
  10. Mark, who isn't Bird, and the Jefferson star play on the same AAU team during the summer.
  11. Neither of the two all-star centers is from Madison High.
  12. All-star Jeff Russell led the Central City League in scoring with a 24.3 ppg average.

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