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Buy Orders
Five tech stock buys begin the day at Summerset Securities.
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February 21, 2005
Friday morning, the first five calls to broker George George of Summerst Securities came from Mr. Woodson and four other long-time clients, each of whom placed an order to buy a different tech stock, one purchasing Microsoft. The first buy order came at 9:30, with subsequent calls at five minute intervals through the last at 9:50. Each buy order was for a different number of shares, with the total number of shares bought equaling 8,000. Given the records below, can you determine who bought how many shares of what at which time?

  1. The Amazon buy was for twice as many shares as the purchase made 10 mins. before the Amazon one.
  2. Mrs. Smith's buy order wasn't the last.
  3. Mr. Burger, who didn't buy Dell, placed his order 5 mins. before Mr. Childs placed his.
  4. Mrs. Knotts, who didn't buy Intel, bought twice as many shares as the buyer who placed the order 5 mins. after her.
  5. The Google buy came at 9:50.
  6. The Intel order was for twice as many shares as the 9:35 order.
  7. The smallest order was for 500 shares of Dell.

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