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It's Valentine's Day--Uh-Oh!
Forgetful fellows rush to get last-minute Valentine's Day gifts.
February 14, 2005
The five forgetful fellows at Markhall Greeting Cards are listed in clue 1: Nick, Mr. Cross, the artist, the writer, and the one who bought theater tickets at lunch. Nick isn't Donahue, who is Sam (clue 7) or Austin (9). If Nick were Benitez, he would be a sales representative at Markhall (4)--no (6). Nick is Everton. He isn't the designer (2) or the sales rep (6) and is the marketing director. If Cross were the sales rep and the designer had bought the theater tickets, by clues 4 and 7, Mr. Austin would have bought the theater tickets--no (9), he bought the heart pendant. So, Cross is a designer for Markhall; and the sales rep rushed out at lunchtime and purchased theater tickets. By clue 9, since Mr. Austin bought the heart pendant, he is either the artist or the writer. If Mr. Austin were the writer, however, he couldn't be Sam, who is Donahue (7), Paul (3), Tony, who purchased the book of poetry (5), or Roger (8). Mr. Austin is the artist. He isn't Paul (3), Tony (5), or Sam Donahue and is Roger. Tony, who bought the book of poetry (5), is the writer (5). Then Sam Donahue is the sales rep, Paul is Cross, and Tony is Benitez. Paul ran out and bought a dozen red roses (3), while Nick bought Godiva chocolates. In sum, the five forgetful fellows at Markhall Greeting Cards bought Valentine's Day gifts as follows:

  • Paul Cross, designer, dozen red roses
  • Roger Austin, artist, heart pendant
  • Sam Donahue, sales rep, theater tickets
  • Tony Benitez, writer, book of poetry
  • Nick Everton, marketing director, Godiva chocolates

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