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Super Bowl Party
A tight game and tasty food make the Super Bowl more super.
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February 7, 2005
Chad Reid invited five friends, including Mike, over to watch yesterday's Super Bowl game on his new 50" high definition TV. Chad provided drinks and snacks, while each friend brought more substantial fare to share while they cheered and jeered the game and the new commercials. No one was thrilled or chilled by the Patriots' 24-21 win over the Eagles, since each has a different favorite team than the Super Bowl combatants. Given the clues below, can you score a touchdown by finding each partygoer's full name (one last name is Dillon) and favorite NFL team and what he brought to the party?

  1. Jim, McNabb, and the Ravens fan all decided to cheer for the Patriots in the big game.
  2. The Steelers fan brought spicy Buffalo wings for the guys to eat.
  3. Neither Lou nor Norm is the partygoer who brought the 6' cold cut sub to the game.
  4. McNabb isn't a Giants or Cowboys fan.
  5. Jim, Ken, and Owens said the monkey-filled commercials reminded them of their own workplaces.
  6. The Cowboys fan didn't bring the red hot chili or the stuffed jalapenos.
  7. Westbrook is a diehard New York Jets supporter.
  8. Neither Jim nor Ken is the Giants fan.
  9. Lou, who isn't McNabb, isn't the one who contributed the red hot chili to the festivities.
  10. Brady isn't the Super Bowl watcher who brought stuffed jalapenos to warm everyone's heart.
  11. Ken brought pepperoni pizza, his favorite Super Bowl meal.
  12. Owens and the Giants and Ravens fans all told Chad they were going to have HDTV in time for the 2005 NFL season.

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