The Zoo Clock
Zoo favorites tell the time in this week's Logic Puzzle.
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The new Summerset Zoo Clock is a specially-made variant on the traditional cuckoo clock: at each hour, an exact model of a different longtime zoo resident pops out and counts off the time with its own distinctive sound. From the time chart below, can you solve the Zoo Clock Logic Puzzle: the name and kind of animal (one is an alligator) that calls, growls, roars, trumpets, bleats, or etc., out each hour of the day?

  1. Sam isn't the longtime zoo denizen who announces 11:00.
  2. Hector is directly opposite the giraffe on the clock face (i.e., six hours apart).
  3. Twice a day, the zebra makes an appearance one hour before Clyde and two hours before Tomasina.
  4. The condor pops out an hour before the gorilla, which is opposite zoo favorite Annabel on the clock.
  5. On the Zoo Clock face, George is directly between the camel and rhinoceros and directly opposite Eloise.
  6. Dora pops out of the clock two hours before the elephant.
  7. The hippopotamus is directly opposite the tiger, which appears one hour after Martha does.
  8. Clyde isn't the Summerset Zoo giraffe.
  9. Hector entertains zoo visitors two hours after George does.
  10. Leonard gives the time one hour before Eloise, who isn't the lion or the polar bear.
  11. The animal directly opposite Walter on the clock isn't the rhinoceros.
  12. The camel isn't named Annabel.
  13. Jethro is the longtime zoo resident whose model pops out at 3:00 each and every morning and afternoon.
  14. Walter is on the clock face two hours after the lion but two hours before the polar bear.