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Instructions for Anagram List Puzzle

  • Puzzle Goal

    Unscramble the letters to produce each word or phrase in the category. As letters are used, they will be blanked out in the list of scrambled letters. When a word is correctly anagrammed, it greens out.

    The triangles under letters in the answer list mark those letters that will constitute the scrambled list for the bonus word.

    If the bonus word is entered correctly before correct answers to all words with bonus letters are entered, then the letters from the bonus word which have not been used in an answer appear.

  • Mouse Control

    Click on or just above an underline, or on one of the letters typed, to place the cursor selector on that letter.

  • Keyboard Control

    • Arrows move the cursor up, down, left, or right. Note that the cursor will never move to correct answers.
    • Typing a letter causes it to appear at the selected location in the puzzle. The cursor will move to the next square.
    • backspace clears the letter under the cursor, and moves the cursor to the left.
    • delete clears the letter under the cursor.
    • space clears the letter under the cursor and moves the cursor to the right.
    • home and end move the selection to the beginning and end of the word, respectively.
    • ctrl-z will undo the typing of a letter. Multiple typing may be undone.
    • ctrl-y will redo an undone typing.
    • ctrl-left and ctrl-right will move the cursor backward or forward to the next unentered blank.

    Note that after clicking one of the buttons below the puzzle (Hint, Save, or Clear), you must click on a letter before using the keyboard controls.

  • Buttons

    • Hint: Reveal Letter will enter the correct letter at the selected location. Note that in some cases an entered letter may be removed from elsewhere in the word in order to fill the selected location. The removed letter may have also been correct.
    • Save records your progress. When you revisit this puzzle, your progress will be automatically loaded. Visit the help for more information.
    • Clear will restart the puzzle.

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