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Memory Games
Perfect memory equals a score of 100 in All-Star "Concentration."
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I'll Huff And I'll Puff
... but I won't be able to blow down any of the buildings in All-Star Puzzles' concentration puzzle.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Butterflies, Etc.
Fluttering, crawling, buzzing, hopping ... through our yard and into this colorful Memory Game puzzle.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Cars, Vans, SUVs, and Pickups
Concentrate on your driving and and pair the personal vehicles in this picture puzzle.
Easy | Medium | Hard

The States
Pair the 50 states in this All-American Memory Game.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Wild Kingdom
The All-Star Puzzles Zoo is now open for your matching pleasure.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Produce Galore
Get your recommended five a day by matching these fruits and vegetables.
Easy | Medium | Hard

College Team Nicknames
Score points by matching the major college team with its nickname.
Easy | Medium | Hard

A garden blooming with bright blossoms to match.
Easy | Medium | Hard

The Inventors
Match these men of genius with their inventions.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Trite But True
A memory like an elephant's will help with this puzzle.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Modern Authors and Their Works
Match these 20th century novelists with their works.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Flags of the World
Pair national flags in this international Memory Match Puzzle.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Authors and Their Works: The Classics
Try your memory and literary knowledge with these pre-1900 greats.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Street Signs
Match these signs you see and, hopefully, obey everyday.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Actress Quiz
Match the actress with her movie feature.
Easy | Medium | Hard

NBA Teams
Los Angeles Bulls? Not quite. Maybe you can get it right.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Famous Pairs
Match up the members of each famous pair.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Shape up this puzzle by finding identical figures.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Color Coordinated
Test your color sense by matching identical colors.
Easy | Medium | Hard

Actor Quiz
Match the leading man with the movie in which he stars.
Easy | Medium | Hard

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