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The Bridge Hand
The weekly tournament winners are decided by one decisive hand.
November 7, 2008
From the introduction, the bidding in bridge goes 1 Club, 1 Diamond, 1 Heart, 1 Spade, 1 No Trump, 2 Clubs, 2 Diamonds, ..., 7 No Trump; and bidding by the four players is in clockwise order around the table. By clue 1, Omar opened the bidding at 1 Heart, followed by Wong bidding 1 Spade. By clue 3, Ben followed Karpov's bid of 2 Clubs with a bid of 2 Diamonds. Then Ben is either Wong or was Wong's partner. If Ben were Wong and Karpov Omar, by clue 4, Hoyle would have been Omar's partner and Johnson Ben's; and for Omar to have bid 2 Clubs, Hoyle would have had to have bid 1 No Trump--no (clue 4). So Ben was Wong's partner and Karpov Omar's partner. By clues 1 and 4, Omar can't be Hoyle; so Ben is Hoyle and Omar Johnson. Ben Hoyle bid 2 Diamonds in his first auction opportunity, and Omar Johnson passed on his second chance (4). By clue 2, Carolyn is Wong and Lisa Karpov; and Carolyn went 2 No Trump in her second chance in the bidding before the other three players passed. In sum, the bidding went as follows:

  • Omar Johnson, 1H
  • Carolyn Wong, 1S
  • Lisa Karpov, 2C
  • Ben Hoyle, 2D
  • Omar Johnson, P
  • Carolyn Wong, 2NT
  • Lisa Karpov, P
  • Ben Hoyle, P
  • Omar Johnson, P

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