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Letter Dice 16
Can you get to the CRUX of the matter and solve this 3-Star logic puzzle?
October 10, 2008
According to the introduction, each of the 24 faces of the Letter Dice has a different letter on it; the letters Q and Z do not appear. Given the word MEWS, we arbitrarily assign M to die 1, E to die 2, W to die 3, and S to die 4. From MULE, L can't be on die 1 or die 2; while from SLAP, L can't be on die 4. L is on die 3 with W. The U in MULE is on die 4. From SLAP, A isn't on die 3 with L or on die 4 with S; while from CAGE, A isn't on die 2 with E. A is on die 1. Then the P in SLAP is on die 2. The C in CRUX isn't on die 4 with U, nor from CAGE is it on die 1 with A or die 2 with E. C is on die 3, and the G in CAGE is on die 4. Given LEFT, F and T must be on dice 1 and 4 or vice versa, so that O and R must be on dice 2 and 3 or vice versa. Since R isn't on the same die as C (CRUX), die 3, R must be on die 2 and O on die 3. X is on die 1 (CRUX). From DOGY, D isn't on die 3 or die 4; while from DINE, D isn't on die 2. D is on die 1. Y is on die 2 (DOGY). I isn't on die 1 (VOID) or on dice 2 and 3 (BILE) and is on die 4. B is on die 1 (BILE) and V on die 2 (VOID). The N in DINE is on die 3. T isn't on die 2 or die 3 (LEFT), nor on die 4 (THIN); it is on die 1, with F on die 4 (LEFT) and H on die 2 (THIN). Finally, from HANK, K is on die 4 and J on 3. In sum, the letters on the four dice of Letter Dice 16 (in order of recovery) are


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