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Jobs at the Shore
Restaurant jobs help pay next year's tuition.
July 7, 2008
The five friends are listed in clue 1 according to their summer living arrangements: Mike and Duval share a bedroom, Ian and the boy working as a sous-chef share a second bedroom, and the boy who works at the Embers sleeps in the living room. Neither Kyle (clue 5) nor Jeff (8) works at the Embers, so Luke does. Kyle isn't Duval (5); he works as a sous-chef, and Jeff is Duval. By clue 2, the boy who shares a bedroom with Brant is employed as a waiter; Brant is Mike or Kyle. If he were Kyle, Ian would be the summer waiter. Neither Mike (7) nor Jeff Duval (9) works as a bartender, so Luke would. By clue 6, Mike would be a bus boy at the Lobster Shack--but there is no way for Carter to be a host (4) given this arrangement. Therefore, Kyle isn't Brant; Mike is, with Jeff then the summer waiter (2). Neither Ashburn (3) nor Carter (4) is the sous-chef for the summer, so Evans is. By clue 4, Luke is Carter and is a host at the Embers. By elimination, Ian is Ashburn. Since Mike isn't the bartender (7), Ian is; Mike is a bus boy at the Lobster Shack. Neither Ian nor Kyle works at Cap'n Dan's (3), so Jeff does. By clue 7, finally, Ian is employed at Philippe's and Kyle at Trattoria Roma. In sum, the five college friends have restaurant jobs at the Jersey shore as follows:

  • Ian Ashburn, bartender at Philippe's
  • Jeff Duval, waiter at Cap'n Dan's
  • Kyle Evans, sous-chef at Trattoria Roma
  • Luke Carter, host at the Embers
  • Mike Brant, bus boy at the Lobster Shack

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