The Silent Auction
Students raise money at their school's silent auction.
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At the Summerset Elementary summer school silent auction last Thursday, one of the items up for sale was a miniature painting by Mrs. Whyeth, the school art teacher. Six bids, each for a different amount of money, were entered by parents on behalf of their children. Each bid came from a student in a different grade K-5th and came from one of three girls (Chelsea, Laurie, Rebecca) and three boys (Drew, Micah, Sean). Given the clues below, can you determine each bidding student's full name and grade K-5th and how much he or she bid for Mrs. Whyeth's work?

  1. The Young boy's bid was twice that of Micah, who isn't the 3rd grader.
  2. Chelsea bid $5 more than the Joyner girl.
  3. Sean bid twice as much as the 4th grader.
  4. Drew isn't in 1st or 5th grade.
  5. Laurie's bid was for $10 more than the Baye child's.
  6. The 3rd grader bid twice as much as the Price girl.
  7. The Askew child isn't the 5th grader.
  8. Sean isn't the Young boy.
  9. The 2nd grader bid $5 more than Rebecca.
  10. The West child isn't Micah.
  11. The 4th grader is neither the Price girl nor the Young boy.
  12. The lowest bid was $10 and the highest and winning bid $50.