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Letter Dice 15
You won't roll snake eyes with Letter Dice or today's Logic Puzzle.
June 16, 2008
According to the introduction, each of the 24 faces of the Letter Dice has a different letter on it; the letters Q and X do not appear. Given the word LAZY, we arbitrarily assign L to die 1, A to die 2, Z to die 3, and Y to die 4. From GAZE, E can't be on die 2 or die 3; while from POLE, E can't be on die 1. E is on die 4 with Y. The G in GAZE is on die 1. From POLE, O isn't on die 1 with L or on die 4 with E; while from ROAD, O isn't on die 2 with A. O is on die 3. Then the P in POLE is on die 2. The R in CRAG isn't on die 1 or die 2, nor is it on die 3 (ROAD). R is on die 4 and the C in CRAG on die 3. The ROAD D is on die 1. F isn't on die 1 or die 4 (FLEW), nor is F on die 3 (FOUR); F is on die 2, with U on die 1 (FOUR) and W on die 3 (FLEW). From WHIP, I isn't on die 2 or die 3, while from MIKE I isn't on die 4. I is on die 1. The H from WHIP is on die 4. The K in MIKE isn't on die 1 or die 4 and isn't on die 3 (TUCK); K is on die 2. The MIKE M is on die 3 and the TUCK T on die 4. N isn't on die 1, die 2 (JUNK), or die 3 (SAWN) and completes die 4, with the J in JUNK completing 3. From SAWN, S is the sixth letter on die 1. By elimination, B and V are on die 2. In sum, the letters on the four dice of Letter Dice 15 (in order of recovery) are


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