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The Joneses look for a new home.
June 2, 2008
Neither Teresa (clue 1), Roger (2), nor Stan (7) showed the Joneses a house 1st, so either Ursula or Vicky did. If Ursula had been 1st to show the couple a property, then the Coldwell Banker realtor would have been 2nd to show them a house (6). Since Roger didn't show his house in order after Ursula (2) but did immediately precede the realtor who showed the Aspen Acres home (9), Roger would have shown the 3rd or 4th house if Ursula had shown the 1st. If Roger had shown the 3rd and the realtor listing the home in Aspen Acres the 4th house (9), by clue 3, the Long & Foster agent would have shown the 3rd or later house; and then by clue 3, since Chambers didn't show the Aspen Acres property (9), Chambers would have shown the Jonese their 5th of the day. By clue 4, Vicky would have shown her house 2nd and would be the Coldwell Banker agent--a conflict with clue 8. So, Ursula showing the 1st and Roger showing the 3rd home fails. If Ursula had shown the 1st and Roger the 4th house, by clue 9, the home in Aspen Acres would have been 5th Mr. & Mrs. Jones saw. By clues 3 and 9, again, Chambers would be Roger rather than the realtor showing the Aspen Acres house. By clue 4, Vicky would have shown the 2nd home and would be with Coldwell Banker--no (8). Therefore, Ursula didn't show the 1st home on Saturday; Vicky did. Realtor English showed the 2nd (4). By clue 6, Ursula showed the couple the 3rd or 4th home of the day. If Ursula had shown the 4th, with the Coldwell Banker realtor showing the 5th (6), since Ursula isn't Aston (1), by clue 1, Vicky would be Aston and Teresa English--contradicting clue 11. Ursula showed the Joneses the 3rd home, with the realtor from Coldwell Banker showing the 4th (6). Roger didn't show the 4th (2) or 5th (9) home; he showed the 2nd, with Ursula showing the Aspen Acres house 3rd (9). Since Ursula isn't Aston (1), by clue 1, Aston showed the 4th and Teresa the 5th houses. By elimination, Aston is Stan. The realtor from the RE/MAX is Ursula (7). Since Chambers isn't realtor Ursula who showed the Aston Acres house (9), by clue 3, Chambers is Teresa. Vicky is Davies (8) and Ursula Black. By clue 3, Vicky showed the house in Hudson Hills, and Roger works for Long & Foster. By clue 5, Stan showed the Spring Lake house and Teresa the one in Gretna Green. By elimination, the home Roger showed the Joneses is in Eden Vale. Finally, Vicky Davies' is with Century 21 and Teresa with Keller Williams (10). Mr. & Mrs. Jones were shown homes last Saturday in order

  • 1st - Vicky Davies, Century 21, Hudson Hills
  • 2nd - Roger English, Long & Foster, Eden Vale
  • 3rd - Ursula Black, RE/MAX, Aspen Acres
  • 4th - Stan Aston, Coldwell Banker, Spring Lake
  • 5th - Teresa Chambers, Keller Williams, Gretna Green

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