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Substitute Teachers
Who subbed for the six absent teachers last Friday?
April 14, 2008
The six teachers who had substitutes last Friday are listed in clue 1: Brad, Carol, West, the 2nd grade teacher, the teacher for whom Donna subbed, and the teacher for whom Newman subbed. By clue 4, Alex subbed for Jennifer. Since Alex isn't sub Newman and Jennifer isn't teacher West, in clue 1, Jennifer is the 2nd grade teacher. By clue 8, Quaid, who isn't Donna, subbed for Faith; in clue 1, Faith must be West. Since Erin subbed for Heidi (clue 2), in clue 1, Erin must be sub Newman. By elimination, Donna subbed for teacher Greg (6). The six substitutes are named in clue 6: Kate, Linda, Updike, the person who subbed for the kindergarten teacher, the one who subbed for Greg, and the sub for teacher Villa. By clue 10, teacher West's sub wasn't Kate and West doesn't teach kindergarten. In clue 6, then, West's sub must be Linda. By clue 12, Ian, who isn't sub Updike, was in for Moses on Friday. In clue 6, then, Moses must be the kindergarten teacher and then is Brad or Carol. If kindergarten teacher Moses were Brad and had Ian as a sub, by elimination, Kate would have subbed for Carol. By clue 3, Donna would be Yost and Greg would teach 3rd grade. By clue 6, sub Updike would be Alex. Then in clue 6, teacher Villa would be Heidi. By clue 7, Carol would be Potts and Kate Turney. Ian would be sub Sperry--but Sperry isn't Brad's sub (9). So, kindergarten teacher Moses isn't Brad and is Carol, with Ian her sub on Friday. By elimination, Kate subbed for Brad. By clue 3, Donna is Yost and Greg teaches 3rd grade. By clue 6, sub Updike must be Alex. Then in clue 6, teacher Villa is Heidi. By clue 7, Brad must be Potts and Kate Turney. By elimination, Ian is sub Sperry. Neither Brad (7) nor Faith (11) teaches 4th grade, so Heidi does. By clue 9, Brad teaches 5th and Faith 1st grade. Finally, Jennifer is Osgood and Greg Rivers (5). In sum, the five teachers and their substitutes for last Friday are

  • K : Carol Moses - Ian Sperry
  • 1 : Faith West - Linda Quaid
  • 2 : Jennifer Osgood - Alex Updike
  • 3 : Greg Rivers - Donna Yost
  • 4 : Heidi Villa - Erin Newman
  • 5 : Brad Potts - Kate Turney

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