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Pieces by local artists bring high prices at auction.
February 18, 2008
By clue 1, the the least amount any of the five sculptures sold for was $500 and the most was $3,000. By clue 4, Jenny's work sold for $500 more than Unger's, which cost $500 more than Message. Combining clue 4 with clue 1, then, either Message sold for $500, Jenny's sculpture went for $3,000, or the three sculptures in clue 4 are the other three works to the $500 and $3,000 sculptures in clue 1. If Message had brought $500, Unger's work would have sold for $1,000 and Jenny's for $1,500 (clue 4). By clue 3, Smart's piece sold for twice as much as Kim's, which sold for twice as much as Peace. Peace couldn't be either Jenny's or Unger's work, or Smart's sculpture would have sold for $6,000 and $4,000 respectively, contradicting clue 1. So Peace would be a fourth sculpture to the three in clue 4. Smart couldn't be Jenny, or Peace would have brought $375--no (1); and Smart couldn't have sculpted Message, or Peace would have sold for $125. Smart's sculpture would have cost the high of $3,000--but Kim's piece would have sold for $1,500 (3) and be a sixth piece to the five already determined. So, Message did not bring $500. If Jenny's sculpture had gone for $3,000, Unger's would have sold for $2,500 and Message for $2,000 (4). Neither Kim nor the sculptor who created Peace could be Unger, or Smart's sculpture would have sold for $5,000 or $10,000 and contradict clue 1. Kim couldn't have done Message, or Smart's piece would have sold for $4,000. So, Kim and the artist who sold Peace would be the fourth and fifth sculptors to the three in clue 4; and Peace would have sold for the low of $500. Kim's sculpture would have gone for $1,000 and Smart's Message for $2,000 (3). However, there is no way for clue 6 to work given this arrangement. So, Jenny's sculpture did not go for the $3,000 figure in clue 1. The five sculptures sold are one for $3,000, Jenny's, Unger's, Message, and the one for $500. We already determined above that Message sold for more than $500, so Unger's sculpture sold for more than $1,000 (4). Unger's work therefore isn't Peace in clue 3, or Smart's piece would have brought more than $4,000 in the sale. Peace sold for $500, Kim's sculpture brought $1,000, and Smart's work sold for $2,000 (3). Smart didn't create Message, or Kim's work would be a sixth sculpture. Smart is Jenny. Unger's work sold for $1,500 (3). Kim's Message sold for $1,000 (3, 4). By clue 6, Ian is Unger, and Winters created the $3,000 sculpture. Teller did Peace and Valdes Message (7). Teller is Marie and Winters Leah (7). By clue 5, Ian Unger sculpted Blessings. Finally, Jenny created Rapture and Leah Karma (2). In sum, the five scuptures sold as follows:

  • Leah Winters, Karma, $3,000
  • Jenny Smart, Rapture, $2,000
  • Ian Unger, Blessings, $1,500
  • Kim Valdes, Message, $1,000
  • Marie Teller, Peace, $500

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