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Pieces by local artists bring high prices at auction.
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February 18, 2008
During this year's Summerset Artists Guild fundraiser, five sculptures, including one titled Rapture, were auctioned, with the proceeds targeted to the purchase of a permanent home for the Guild. From the clues below, can you determine the full name of each local artist (one first name is Marie, one last name Valdes) who donated a sculpture to the fundraiser, the title of the piece he or she created, and how much it brought at auction?

  1. The least amount any of the works sold for was $500, and the most any brought at auction was $3,000.
  2. Jenny isn't the one who donated Karma to the fundraiser.
  3. Artist Smart's piece sold for twice as much as Kim's work, which went for twice as much as Peace.
  4. Jenny's sculpture brought $500 more than Unger's creation, which sold for $500 more than Message.
  5. Leah and the artist who sculpted Blessings, who isn't Smart, are both officers of the Guild.
  6. The piece by Winters, who isn't Jenny, sold for more than Ian's work, which isn't Peace.
  7. Artist Teller, who isn't Leah, isn't the one who donated Message to the Guild sale.

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