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Mutual Fund Buys
Five Bentley Bros. clients spread their risk by buying mutual funds.
January 7, 2008
By clue 11, the number of shares purchased ranged from 2,500-7,500, with no two investors buying the same number of shares (introduction). In clues 2 and 4, if Kevin had bought the Guardsman fund, Mark would have had to buy at least 10,000 shares, given that the international fund investor bought the low of 2,500; and if Mark had bought the international fund, Kevin would have bought at least 10,000 shares--both cases contradicting the high of 7,500 shares (11). Therefore, four different investors are named between clues 2 and 4: Mark, the one who bought the Guardsman fund, Kevin, and the investor in the international fund. By clue 6, if Janet had purchased either the Guardsman fund or the international fund, she would have bought at least 6,250 shares, and either Mark (2) or Kevin (4) would have bought at least 12,500--no (11). So, Janet is the fifth investor. If Sachs were Mark, by clues 2 and 6, Janet's buy would have been at least 8,750 shares--no (11); and if Sachs were Kevin, by clues 4 and 6, Janet's buy would have been at least 8,750 shares--no (11). So Sachs bought either Guardsman fund or the international fund--by clue 6, the international fund. By clues 2,4, and 6, either the Guardsman fund or Sachs's purchase is the low of 2,500 shares. If the Guardsman purchase had been 2,500 shares, Mark's would have been 5,000. If Janet then had bought the most, 7,500, and Sachs 3,750 (clue 6), Kevin also would have bought 7,500 shares (4), contradicting the introduction. If Kevin had bought the most, 7,500 shares, and Sachs then 3,750 (4), Janet also would have bought 7,500 (6)--no (intro). So, the Guardsman fund purchase wasn't the low of 2,500 shares; Sachs's international fund purchase was. Janet bought 6,250 shares (6), and Kevin purchased 5,000 shares (4). Then Mark bought 7,500 shares (11) and the Guardsman fund purchase was 3,750 shares (2). By clue 8, Mark bought the Sentinel fund shares, and the Guardsman fund is concentrated in growth stocks. By clue 5, Mark didn't buy the tax-free bonds fund, nor did Janet (1). Kevin bought the tax-free bonds fund shares, and Janet is Goldman (5). The Sentinel fund invests in insurance stocks (10), and Janet got into the energy fund. Nate bought the international fund (3), and Lorelei bought into the growth fund. Mark's surname is Webber (7). The Royal fund shares weren't bought by Janet, and Royal isn't a tax-free bonds fund (9); it concentrates on international stocks. Kevin bought the Alert fund shares (4) and Janet the Freedom. Kevin is Mason (7) and Lorelei Lynch. The five investors therefore bought mutual fund shares as follows:

  • Mark Webber, Sentinel, insurance, 7,500
  • Janet Goldman, Freedom, energy, 6,250
  • Kevin Mason, Alert, tax-free bonds, 5,000
  • Lorelei Lynch, Guardsman, growth, 3,750
  • Nate Sachs, Royal, international, 2,500

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