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Sid Slapdash and His New Year's Resolutions
Will Sid break his 2008 resolution as quickly as he did those in 2003-2007?
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December 31, 2007
For his 2008 New Year's resolution, Sid Slapdash has resolved to stop his custom of smoking a cigar to celebrate holidays and important family events. Given his history of failed New Year's resolutions for 2003 through 2007, each of which lasted a different number of days from 1-5, the odds are Sid will be breaking his 2008 resolution the first thing New Year's Day. Do you have the resolve to solve our New Year's Logic Puzzle of what resolution Sid made each year 2003-2007 and how many days he managed to keep it?

  1. Sid's resolve lasted 1 day longer in 2006 than it did when he resolved to exercise on his treadmill 30 minutes a day.
  2. The year after Sid resolved to eat five fruits and vegetables daily he pledged to take the family dog Snoop on every walk.
  3. Sid's 2006 resolution wasn't to go on the North Beach Diet.
  4. The year after Sid's New Year's resolution lasted all of 1 day he resolved to stop drinking coffee.
  5. Sid's resolution to take the dog on every walk, which wasn't made in 2007, isn't the one that lasted the high of 5 days.
  6. Sid's 2005 resolution lasted 1 day longer than his resolution to lose 30 lbs. on the North Beach Diet.
  7. The resolution Sid made in 2004 lasted fewer than 5 days.

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