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Home for the Holidays
The Jingelbell daughters bring their families home for the holidays.
December 17, 2007
The five Jingelbell daughters are named in clue 1: Jodie, the one whose husband is named Rob, Mrs. Conners, the one who lives in Las Vegas, and the one with 5 children. By clue 5, Juliet and her husband Mike had their 1st child in October; so in clue 1, they are either Mr. & Mrs. Conners or reside in Las Vegas. If Juliet and Mike lived in Las Vegas, the Jingelbell daughter married to Phil isn't Jodie (10) and isn't the one with 5 children (4); she would be Mrs. Phil Conners in clue 1. By clue 3, Jill and Tom would have the 5 children in clue 1. Mrs. Phil Conners would be Jenny (2)--no (10). By clue 5, then, Juliet and Mike and their 1 child are the Connerses in clue 1. The Jingelbell daughter married to Phil isn't Jodie (10) and isn't the one with 5 children (4); she and Phil live in Las Vegas in clue 1. Then by clue 3, Jill and Tom have 5 children; by elimination, Jodie's husband is named Steve. Jasmine is Phil's wife (10), and Jenny is married to Rob. Neither Jasmine and Phil nor Jill and Tom are the Englishes (4); nor are Jenny and Rob (8). Jodie and Steve are Mr. & Mrs. English. They don't have 4 children (4). If they had 3 children, Jasmine and Phil would have 4 (4) and Jenny and Rob then 2--no (9). Jodie and Steve English have 2 children; Jasmine and Phil have 3 (4) and Jenny and Rob 4. Jill and Tom aren't the Bensons (3); by clue 6, then, Jasmine and Phil are the Bensons, and Jodie and Steve live in Phoenix. By clue 7, Jill and Tom are Mr. & Mrs. Adams; and Jenny and Rob Davies reside in Dallas. Juliet and Mike Conners live in Miami, and Jill and Tom live in San Diego (2). In sum, the five Jingelbell daughters and their families will be Home for the Holidays as follows:

  • Jill & Tom Adams, San Diego, 5 children
  • Jenny & Rob Davies, Dallas, 4 children
  • Jasmine & Phil Benson, Las Vegas, 3 children
  • Jodie & Steve English, Phoenix, 2 children
  • Juliet & Mike Conners, Miami, 1 child

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