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Battle of the Marching Bands
Marching bands battle it out for the county championship.
November 19, 2007
Neither the Battling Blues (clue 4), March Machine (5), nor High Steppers (8) won the battle of the Bands, so either the Roaring Lions or Purple Wave did. Then band director Edwards isn't leader of the winning band (3), nor is Cord (1), Dorsey (4), or Blake (7). Austin's band won the event. His winning band isn't from Cloverdale, Fallston (4), Wild Lake (5), or Newport (8), and is from Springfield High School. Then director Cord's band placed 2nd (1). Neither the Wild Lake (5) nor Newport (8) High School band finished 5th, so either the Cloverdale or Fallston band did. Since the High Steppers aren't Cloverdale or Fallston (2), they didn't place 5th; then the Newport High band was 2nd or 3rd (8). By clue 5, the Wild Lake band also was 2nd or 3rd, so that Cloverdale and Fallston placed 4th and 5th or vice versa. Since the High Steppers aren't Cloverdale or Fallston (2), they didn't finish 4th; by clue 8, then, the Newport High band was 2nd and the High Steppers 3rd in the Battle of the Bands. The Wild Lake band placed 3rd in the event, with the March Machine the 4th-place group (5). By clue 4, Dorsey is the Wild Lake band director. The Battling Blues aren't Springfield, Cloverdale, or Fallston (4) and are the Newport band. By clue 3, Edwards directs the March Machine, with Blake then leading the 5th-place band--Cloverdale (7), with Fallston finishing 4th. Finally, by clue 6, Cloverdale's band are the Purple Wave and Springfield's the Roaring Lions. In sum, the annual Battle of the Bands results are as follows:

  • 1st -- Springfield Roaring Lions, director Austin
  • 2nd -- Newport Battling Blues, director Cord
  • 3rd -- Wild Lake High Steppers, director Dorsey
  • 4th -- Fallston Marching Machine, director Edwards
  • 5th -- Cloverdale Purple Wave, director Blake

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