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New Romance Novels
Fans of Romance fiction celebrate five new novels from favorite authors.
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November 12, 2007
Last week, Romance, Inc. published new novels from Miss D'Armey and four other Romance Novelists. In her novel, each author continues the story of the man who features in her previous works. From the clues below, can you solve the Logic Puzzle of each Romance Novelist's full name, her romantic protagonist, and the title of the new book in which he is featured?

  1. The five novelists with new romances are Jane, Miss Brown, the one whose new novel continues the story of Wesley Graves, the one whose new book is The Good Doctor, and the writer whose new novel is The Queen's Guardsman.
  2. Miss Rider isn't the novelist who features Wesley Graves in her books.
  3. Maggie isn't the novelist whose new book is The Good Doctor.
  4. Neither Lizbeth nor Miss Moriarty is the novelist whose new novel The Keeper of the Light is set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
  5. Miss Saint James's new novel is neither The Good Doctor nor The Farmer's Son.
  6. Scarlet, who isn't Miss Moriarty, isn't the author whose new novel is The Farmer's Son.
  7. At the gala publishing party featuring all five new novels, both Carrie-Ann and the novelist whose new novel is The Man Who Wouldn't Smile complimented Paul Harding's creator on how great a character she has created.
  8. Lizbeth, Miss Saint James, and Miss Brown, whose new novel isn't The Man Who Wouldn't Smile, all have been published only by Romance, Inc.
  9. Jacob Wales isn't the leading man in The Keeper of the Light.
  10. Scarlet's romantic hero isn't the 6'6"-tall Paul Harding.
  11. Carrie-Ann's new novel isn't The Keeper of the Light or The Farmer's Son.
  12. Miss Moriarty, who isn't the novelist whose main romantic interest is the flamboyant Alejandro Love, isn't the author of either The Man Who Wouldn't Smile or The Farmer's Son.
  13. Carrie-Ann's protagonist is neither the mysterious Jacob Wales nor the glib Michael Steel.

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