The Sports Columnists
A different Sentinel columnist discusses a different sport each day Monday-Saturday.
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Each day Monday-Saturday, the Summerset Sentinel sports section features a different columnist writing about a different sports topic; one column covers horse racing. Given the clues below, can you find the full name of each Sentinel sports columnist, the topic he or she covers for the newspaper, and the day Monday-Saturday on which the column appears?

  1. Columnist Young's work appears the day before Tony's column, which isn't about golf.
  2. Neither Quinn nor Waller writes the basketball column.
  3. Lana's column is in the sports pages the day before the golf coverage.
  4. Greta, Tony, and columnist Swift are all syndicated in other papers.
  5. These three columns are in the Sentinel on three consecutive days first-to-last: Andrew's, Parker's, and the high school sports column.
  6. Dan's work appears one day before Swift's.
  7. Young isn't the columnist who covers high school sports.
  8. Mike's column is in the newspaper earlier in the week than basketball commentary, which appears earlier in the week than Brady's work.
  9. Greta's column isn't about golf or high school sports.
  10. The football commentary, which isn't Andrew's work, isn't the column in Saturday's edition.
  11. Waller's column is in the paper the day before the column on field and stream.