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Fright Masks
Fright masks make Halloween a deliciously scary fun event.
October 29, 2007
From the introduction, each mask cost a different amount to purchase. By clue 6, the four masks cost a total of $160.00, with the most expensive selling for $64.00. Neither the Gollum (clue 2) nor the Pennywise (4) mask sold for the high of $64.00. If the Freddy Krueger mask had cost $64.00, by clue 3, Alex would have spent $32.00--by clue 5, the least any mask would have cost. Then the two masks together would have cost $96.00, leaving a total of $64.00 to be spent on the other two (6). However, since no two masks cost the same, one of the remaining masks would have had to sell for more than $32.00 and the other for less. So, if the Freddy Krueger mask were the most expensive, Alex couldn't have spent the least, contradicting clue 5. The Leatherface mask cost $64.00 to buy. The Leatherface mask isn't Luke's (1) or Alex's (5) choice. If Sean had bought the Leatherface mask for $64.00, the Pennywise mask would have cost $48.00 (4). Then the remaining $48.00 would have been split $40.00 on the Freddy Krueger mask and $8.00 on Alex's choice (3). However, given amounts spent of $64.00, $48.00, $40.00, and $8.00, there would be no way for clue 2 to work. Therefore, Chris bought the Leatherface mask for $64.00. The Gollum mask cost $32.00 (2). By clue 3, Alex didn't pick the Freddy Krueger mask; nor did he buy the Gollum mask, or the Freddy Krueger mask also would have sold for $64.00. Alex chose to go as Pennywise on Halloween. Since the Freddy Krueger mask and Alex's pick cost $64.00 between them (6), by clue 3, the Freddy Krueger mask cost $48.00 and the Pennywise mask $16.00. Sean picked the Gollum mask (4). Luke chose the Freddy Krueger mask. In sum, the four masks were purchased by the boys as follows:

  • Chris, Leatherface, $64.00
  • Luke, Freddy Krueger, $48.00
  • Sean, Gollum, $32.00
  • Alex, Pennywise, $16.00

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