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Soccer Salesgirls
Cozy Valley Kicks players cover team travel expenses by selling pizzas.
October 8, 2007
Neither the Cozy Valley Kicks player who is a midfielder (clue 1), sweeper (2), or defender (6) sold the most or second-most pizzas during the fundraiser, so the girls who are the team's goalie and striker did, in some order. Since Samantha doesn't play goalie or striker (4), she then didn't sell the most or second-most pizzas. By clue 6, Samantha sold the third-most pizzas, with the Charles girl selling the fourth-most and the defender selling the fifth-most pizzas. Either Hannah in clue 1 or Emily in clue 2 sold the second-highest number of pizzas. If Emily had sold the second-most pizzas, by clue 2, the Thomas girl would be Samantha and the sweeper would be the Charles girl. By clue 1, Hannah would have sold the most pizzas, with the Will girl being Emily and the midfielder being Samantha. However, by clue 2, Emily Will would have sold 15 more pizzas than midfielder Samantha Thomas sold; while by clue 1, Emily Will would have sold 10 more pizzas than midfielder Samantha Thomas sold--a conflict. So, Emily didn't sell the second-most pizzas and sold the most. By clue 1, Hannah sold the second-most pizzas, the Will girl is Samantha, and the midfielder is the Charles girl. By clue 2, the Thomas girl is Hannah; and the sweeper is Samantha Will. By clue 3, Alexis is a defender on the Kicks; and the Charles girl is Mia. Emily is the Bryant girl and Alexis the Lawrence girl (7). Emily Bryant plays goalie and Hannah Thomas striker (5). Letting defender Alexis Lawrence's number of pizzas sold equal X, midfielder Mia Charles sold X + 15 (6), sweeper Samantha Will sold X + 25 (1), striker Hannah Thomas sold X + 35, and goalie Emily Bryant sold X + 50 (2). Summing, 5X + 125 equals 250 (introduction), so that X = 25. Alexis sold 25, Mia 40, Samantha 50, Hannah 60, and Emily 75 pizzas to raise travel funds. In sum, the five Cozy Valley Kicks players sold pizzas as follows:

  • Emily Bryant, goalie, 75
  • Hannah Thomas, striker, 60
  • Samantha Will, sweeper, 50
  • Mia Charles, midfielder, 40
  • Alexis Lawrence, defender, 25

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