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Senior Class Officers
Four seniors win class officer jobs in close elections.
October 1, 2007
By clue 5, Jasmine defeated Miss Berman in one of the four races for Our Lady Academy senior class officers. The four losing candidates are given in clue 7: the girl who ran for president, Lisa, Miss Edwards, and Miss Hart. Miss Berman thus either is Lisa or ran for president. If Miss Berman had lost the election for class president to Jasmine, the other three losing candidates would have been Lisa, Miss Edwards, and Miss Hart (clue 7). Since Kate isn't Miss Berman or Miss Edwards (3), by clue 9, since she lost one race to Miss Frost, she would be Miss Hart. By clue 4, Ramona ran against Miss Alston for class secretary. Since Ramona isn't Miss Edwards (1), she would have to have won the secretary contest against Lisa. However, by clue 2 where the four election winners are named, Monique and Penelope would have won against Kate Hart and Miss Edwards in some order--and there then would be no way for the Treasurer winner to fit in the arrangement. So, Miss Berman didn't lose to Jasmine as a presidential candidate; Miss Berman is Lisa in clue 7. The other three losing candidates then are the girl who ran for class president, Miss Edwards, and Miss Hart. By clue 4, Ramona ran against Miss Alston for class secretary. Since Miss Alston then can't have lost for president, she must have won her race against Ramona. Ramona didn't run for president (4) and isn't Miss Edwards (1); she must be Miss Hart. Kate isn't Miss Edwards (3); her loss to Miss Frost (9) must have come in the class president contest. By clue 10, Nicole and Miss Chavez contested one office; since Nicole isn't Miss Frost (6), she must be Miss Edwards. Winner Dunn (2) is Jasmine, with Kate being candidate Graziano. By clue 2, Miss Chavez and Nicole Edwards ran against each other for class treasurer; by elimination, the Jasmine Dunn-Lisa Berman contest was for vice president. By clue 1, Selena Chavez won the treasurer's job. Monique is Miss Frost and Penelope Miss Alston (8). In sum, the Our Lady Academy senior class officers were elected as follows:

  • President -- Monique Frost def. Kate Graziano
  • Vice President -- Jasmine Dunn def. Lisa Berman
  • Secretary -- Penelope Alston def. Ramona Hart
  • Treasurer -- Selena Chavez def. Nicole Edwards

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