Senior Class Officers
Four seniors win class officer jobs in close elections.
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Selena and seven other seniors at Our Lady Academy recently ran for election in the four senior class officer (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer) races, with two students campaigning for each office. Given the election reports below, can you determine the full name (one last name is Graziano) of the candidate who won and lost each contest?

  1. Ramona and Miss Edwards were both junior class officers last year.
  2. In addition to the girl elected class treasurer, Monique, Penelope, and Miss Dunn all won their contests.
  3. Kate's last name isn't Berman or Edwards.
  4. Ramona and Miss Alston ran against each other for class secretary.
  5. In one race, Jasmine defeated Miss Berman.
  6. Nicole isn't candidate Frost.
  7. In addition to the candidate who lost the election for class president, Lisa, Miss Edwards, and Miss Hart all lost their races.
  8. Monique isn't Miss Alston.
  9. In one contest, Miss Frost defeated Kate.
  10. Nicole challenged Miss Chavez in one of the four contests.