Pizza Lovers
Guiseppe's Pizzeria makes Friday deliveries to Venice Villa tenants.
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Last Friday, Fred and the five other tenants who live in Venice Villa ordered pizzas from Guiseppe's Pizzeria, with each of the six having a different kind of pizza delivered to his or her apartment. The Venice Villa is a 3-story building with two apartments on each of the three floors, those on the west side of the building numbered 1W, 2W, and 3W from bottom-to-top and the those on the east side of the building numbered 1E, 2E, and 3E from bottom-to-top. Given the clues that follow, can you find the full name of the person living in each apartment in the building and the kind of pizza he or she enjoyed Friday night?

  1. The person whose order was a mushroom pizza lives one floor higher in the building than Morton.
  2. Nichols and the person who ordered a pepperoni pizza both gave $5.00 tips to the Guiseppe's deliveryman.
  3. Alicia and Mr. Keller live on the same floor of the Venice Villa.
  4. Ms. Owens has the apartment directly above that of the person who had a Hawaiian pizza Friday night.
  5. Langhorn's apartment isn't 3E.
  6. The person who had a cheese pizza lives directly above Mr. Purvis.
  7. Dave and the person who had a hamburger pizza live on the same floor of the building.
  8. Alicia ordered neither a Hawaiian nor a hamburger pizza.
  9. Erica and the person who had a sausage pizza live on the same floor of the building.
  10. Cynthia's apartment is directly above Bill's.
  11. Hawaiian pizza was neither Erica's nor Mr. Keller's choice.
  12. Dave isn't the pizza lover who had a sausage pizza.
  13. Ms. Owens isn't the one who enjoyed a cheese pizza.