The School Board
School board members conduct business at their latest meeting.
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Last week, the five-member Sundown District school board held their monthly meeting. The five members were seated in chairs #1-5 left-to-right from the perspective of the citizens attending the open meeting. Each member, including the one from Jefferson Township, made a proposal for the board's consideration and vote; and all five proposals passed unanimously. From the board minutes below, can you find in which chair #1-5 each board member sat, the member's full name, the Sundown District locale he or she represents on the board, and the proposal he or she made as the group conducted school business?

  1. Marie sat in the chair next to those of the board member from Glencoe and the member who proposed buying a new Driver's Ed vehicle.
  2. Board member Avila isn't the one who proposed hiring a new baseball coach.
  3. Lisa isn't the member who proposed repairing the elementary school gymnasium nor the member who proposed purchasing new high school band uniforms.
  4. Board member Carson didn't sit in chair 5 during the meeting.
  5. Marie, who isn't East, and the member from Summerset are in their first terms on the school board.
  6. Karen sat next to Nick and East at the meeting.
  7. The member from Brothers Valley was immediately flanked by John and the person who proposed hiring the baseball coach.
  8. The person who proposed sending the district's supervising principal to a management conference was seated next to board member Downey and the representative from Summerset.
  9. Board member Broome sat next to the Indian Lake representative, who isn't the member who proposed repairing the elementary school gym.
  10. Nick and the member from Glencoe, who isn't Downey, are retired Sundown District teachers.