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At Nita's Water Ice
Five employees from neighboring stores enjoy Nita's Water Ice treats.
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August 27, 2007
Last Friday, the first five customers at Nita's Water Ice in the Summerset Plaza were Lisa and four other people who work at other businesses in the shopping strip--one at Boardwalk Subs. Each of the five bought a different Nita's treat, with one person enjoying a Chocolate Cherry Mist. Given the clues below, can you determine the order in which the five customers stopped in Nita's: the person's name, the neighboring store at which he or she works, and the Nita's Water Ice treat he or she bought?

  1. Monique isn't the one who enjoyed a Coffee Custard.
  2. Immediately after Ian bought a Nita's treat, another of the five customers paid for an Oreo Mint Blendo.
  3. One customer bought a Mango Gelati, then next the stylist from the Cutz Salon ordered a different treat.
  4. Kerrie was in Nita's immediately after the person who bought a Lemon Ice but immediately before the Lou's Pizza employee.
  5. The employee at Exotic Pets was in Nita's earlier than Monique was.
  6. In consecutive order first-to-last, these three Summerset Plaza workers patronized Nita's: the TTT Cellular employee, Jeff, and the customer who chose a Coffee Custard.
  7. Ian doesn't work at Cutz Salon or Lou's Pizza.

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