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Letter Dice 12
What letters are on each of the four Letter Dice?
August 13, 2007
According to the introduction, each of the 24 faces of the Letter Dice has a different letter on it; the letters Q and X do not appear. Given the word PORK, we arbitrarily assign P to die 1, O to die 2, R to die 3, and K to die 4. From YOLK, L isn't on die 2 or die 4. If L were on die 3 with R and Y then on die 1 with P, from DEAL and PAVE, E and A would be on dice 2 and 4 or vice versa--so that D would also be on die 1 with P and Y--given DUTY, no. So, the L in YOLK is on die 1 and the Y on die 3. D isn't on die 1 (DEAL) or die 3 (DUTY) and is on die 2 or die 4. If D were on die 4, U would be on die 2 (DUMP) and T on die 1 (DUTY). From DEAL, E and A would be on dice 2 and 3 or vice versa, as would A and C (TACK), putting E and C on the dame die--no (RICE). Therefore, D is on die 2. From DEAL and RICE, E is on die 4 and A on 3. T is on die 1 (DUTY, TACK). V is on die 2 (PAVE) and U on die 4 (DUTY). M (DUMP) and H (HOPE) are on die 3. Given TACK, C is on die 2, with I then on die 1 (RICE). S and W are on dice 2 and 4 or vice versa (SWIM); given FOBS, W is on 2 and S on 4. Then the J in JAWS is on die 1. Also given FOBS, F and B are on dice 1 and 3 or vice versa--B on 3 and F on 1 (BUNT). Then the N in BUNT is on die 2. G and Z complete die 4. In sum, the letters on the four dice of Letter Dice 12 (in order of recovery) are


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