Letter Dice 12
What letters are on each of the four Letter Dice?
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In the game of Letter Dice, a different letter of the alphabet is on each face of each of the 4 cubes, so that 24 of the 26 letters of the alphabet occur. Words are formed by rearranging and turning the dice so that the upward-facing letters spell a 4-letter word. The 13 words below have been anagrammed using today's cubes, which do not have a Q or X on them. Can you find the 6 letters on each die?

  1. BUNT
  2. DEAL
  3. DUMP
  4. DUTY
  5. FOBS
  6. HOPE
  7. JAWS
  8. PAVE
  9. PORK
  10. RICE
  11. SWIM
  12. TACK
  13. YOLK