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Sculptures in the Sand
Who won the 10 & under competition in Ocean City's annual event?
August 6, 2007
From the introduction, the 1st-5th place finishers in Ocean City's 10 & under Scupture in the Sand competition were five different pairs of competitors. By clues 1, 4, and 7, Jessica, Alexis, and David were part of the 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-place pairs, in some order; while Ben, Ian, and Erin were part of the 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-place pairs, in respective order to the above three. Further, from clues 1, 4, and 7, of the six children named, one was on the 1st-, two were on the 2nd-, two were on the 3rd-, and one was on the 4th-place team. Since Chad and Greg were a pair (clue 6), they then must have placed 5th in the event. Then Heather and Kelly were part of the 1st- and 4th-place pairs or vice versa. The competitors who sculpted a sailboat (1), jellyfish (4), and harbor seal (7) placed 3rd through 5th in some order, with the teams carving a surfer and a blue crab out of sand then placing 1st and 2nd or vice versa. Kelly was on neither of the latter two teams (8), so Kelly and her partner placed 4th, with Heather and her partner finishing 1st in the judging. Heather and her partner sculpted the surfer (5), with the 2nd-place team carving a blue crab. David wasn't Heather's partner (5) and Erin wasn't Kelly's (3); so in clue 7, David and his partner were 2nd, Erin and her partner were 3rd, and the pair who sculpted the harbor seal were 4th. Since Alexis and her partner didn't sculpt the surfer (2), in clue 4, they placed 3rd, with Ian then Kelly's partner and Chad and Greg sculpting a jellyfish. By clue 1, Jessica was Heather's partner; Ben paired with David; and the sailboat was Alexis and Erin's sculpture. In sum, the results of the Ocean City 10 & under Scupture in the Sand contest were

  • 1st -- Heather & Jessica, surfer
  • 2nd -- Ben & David, blue crab
  • 3rd -- Alexis & Erin, sailboat
  • 4th -- Ian & Kelly, harbor seal
  • 5th -- Chad & Greg, jellyfish

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