Sculptures in the Sand
Who won the 10 & under competition in Ocean City's annual event?
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In last week's annual Sculpture in the Sand contest in Ocean City, the first five places in the 10 & under division went to five different pairs of competitors, each of whom carved a different beach-related object in the alloted four hours. Given the clues below, can you find the names of each pair of sand sculptors and their subject in order of finish 1st-5th?

  1. Jessica and her partner finished one place ahead of Ben and his partner, who ended up one place ahead of the pair who sculpted a sailboat.
  2. Alexis and her partner didn't carve the surfer.
  3. Erin and Kelly weren't partnered in the event.
  4. These three pairs placed in consecutive order first-to-last: Alexis and her partner, Ian and his partner, and the pair who sculpted a jellyfish.
  5. Heather and her partner, who wasn't David, didn't carve the large blue crab that impressed the judges.
  6. Chad and Greg partnered for the contest.
  7. Erin and her partner placed immediately behind David and his partner but immediately ahead of the pair who carved the harbor seal.
  8. Kelly and her partner did neither the blue crab nor the surfer.