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Trading Transformers Cards
Five friends swap cards of the movie hit's robot characters.
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July 23, 2007
Last week, Ian and four friends traded Transformers cards, swapping cards back and forth until each had exchanged one of his doubles for a card he didn't originally have. As it turned out, no two of the boys ended up simply exchanging the Transformers doubles they brought. Can you swap the clues below to solve the Logic Puzzle of each friend's full name, the character on the Transformers card he traded away, and the character on Transformers card he acquired through the swapping?

  1. The fan who traded away the Megatron card, who isn't the Vaughn boy, ended up with Kevin's double.
  2. The Porter boy acquired the Transformers card Nick traded away, which isn't the Optimus Prime card.
  3. The Transformers fan who started with the Optimus Prime card ended up taking home the Transformers card the Vaughn boy brought.
  4. Micah isn't the one who traded for the Ironhide card.
  5. The Tavares boy isn't the one who acquired the Optimus Prime card.
  6. The Wilson boy neither brought nor got the Ironhide card.
  7. Kevin and the Porter boy saw the Transformers movie together.
  8. Jeff isn't the one who traded away the Starscream card.
  9. The Riley boy, who isn't Jeff, isn't the one who traded away the Ironhide card.
  10. Kevin neither started with nor ended up with the Optimus Prime card.
  11. The boy who traded away the Bumblebee card was happy he acquired a card of his favorite Transformers robot, Megatron, in its place.

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