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Season Openers
Youth league baseball begins summer play with four league games.
June 18, 2007
From the introduction, the Summerset Youth Summer League opened with four games pairing the eight teams. In clues 1, 5, 8, and 11, there are four different scores; so all eight teams are named in the four clues: four winning teams--Friendly Ford, the Rockies, the team manged by Mays, and Gino's Pizza--and four teams losing to the winners respectively--the Yankees, the team Ott manages, Pioneer Park, and the Cubs. By clue 3, the team manged by Cobb defeated the Dodgers in one game; Cobb must manage the Rockies and Ott the Dodgers. By clue 9, the MinitMart nine beat the team managed by Foxx; MinitMart must be Mays' team, and Foxx manages the Pioneer Park squad--the Giants (clue 4). The Tigers aren't the Gino's Pizza team (2) and aren't managed by Mays (8); the Tigers are sponsored by Friendly Ford. By clue 9, the MinitMart team is the Orioles and Gino's Pizza the Pirates. Neither Gino's Pizza nor the Tigers are managed by Banks (2), who also doesn't manage the Cubs (11); Banks manages the Yankees. By clue 6, the Yankees are sponsored by Laurel Florist; and the Tigers are managed by Dean. Vance manages the Pirates (10) and Wynn the Cubs, who are then sponsored by Quik Lube (7). Finally, by clue 3, Cobb manages the Rotary Club Rockies and Ott the Dairy King Dodgers. In sum, the results of the four season openers were

  • Dean's Friendly Ford Tigers 6, Banks' Laurel Florist Yankees 0
  • Cobb's Rotary Club Rockies 11, Ott's Dairy King Dodgers 7
  • Mays' MinitMart Orioles 3, Foxx's Pioneer Park Giants 2
  • Vance's Gino's Pizza Pirates 5, Wynn's Quik Lube Cubs 1

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