Season Openers
Youth league baseball begins summer play with four league games.
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The Summerset Youth Summer League opened play Saturday with four games each pairing two of the league's eight teams, including the Orioles. Each team is managed by a different volunteer and each wears uniforms with its sponsor's names on them, one sporting the Quik Lube name and logo. From the clues below, can you hit a Logic home run and find each team's manager, sponsor, and nickname and who won and lost each of the four season openers?

  1. Friendly Ford defeated the Yankees, 6-0.
  2. Banks and the Gino's Pizza and Tigers managers are all new to the Summerset Youth Summer League.
  3. In their win over the Dodgers, Cobb's squad, which isn't the Dairy King team, topped their 2006 win total of zero.
  4. The Giants lost their season opener.
  5. The team Ott manages were outslugged, 11-7, by the Rockies.
  6. Dean managed his team to victory over the Laurel Florist team, who aren't the Cubs.
  7. Wynn manages neither the Dairy King nor Rotary Club nine.
  8. Mays' squad, which isn't the Tigers, nipped Pioneer Park, 3-2, in one game Saturday.
  9. In his team's loss to the MinitMart team, who aren't the Pirates, Foxx brought his son in to pitch the last inning.
  10. Vance managed his team to a win Saturday.
  11. Gino's Pizza handled the Cubs, who aren't managed by Banks, by a 5-1 score.