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Maxy's MiniBus
Who gets on and who gets off at different downtown streets?
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June 11, 2007
On its early run Saturday through downtown Summerset, Maxy's MiniBus picked up its first five passengers at Oak Avenue. One of these five passengers then got off the vehicle at each of the next four stops in order 1st through 4th Streets, and one passenger rode the bus all the way to Maple Avenue. As each original passenger got off at a stop 1st-4th Street, one new passenger got on the conveyance and rode all the way to Maple Avenue, where the five people on the minibus all got off. Given the log below, can you find the full names (one first name is Erin and one last name is Price) of all the Maxy's MiniBus early run passengers, who got off and on at each stop 1st-4th Street, and who rode all the way from Oak Avenue to Maple Avenue? (Note: In the clues, "got on" and "got off" mean at 1st-4th Streets only, not the ends of the bus route.)

  1. As Heather got off the minibus at one stop--not 3rd Street--Olsen got on.
  2. Ian and Rouse both ride the vehicle to work.
  3. David got off the conveyance at a later stop than Walker got off.
  4. As the bus slowed to a stop at 3rd Street, the five passengers on board were Alice, Chad, Rouse, Updike, and Voight.
  5. Beth Quick got off Maxy's MiniBus one street after Smith got on.
  6. Chad's last name isn't Olsen.
  7. Faith was riding the minibus when it arrived at the Maple Avenue stop.
  8. Alice, Olsen, and Smith all buy monthly passes for unlimited Maxy's MiniBus service.
  9. Grace Thoreau got on the minibus one street after Ian got on.
  10. David's last name is neither Rouse nor Voight.

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