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Senior Week Rides
Five friends enjoy Ocean City's most thrilling rides.
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June 4, 2007
During this year's Senior Week in Ocean City, the Grove boy and four fellow Summerset High new grads each picked a different exciting amusement park ride for the five to experience; as it turned out, each thrill ride was at different Ocean City amusement park, one being at Playland. From the clues below, can you find each senior's full name, the thrill ride he chose, and the park which features the ride?

  1. Neither Chad nor Alex is the friend who picked The Mummy.
  2. Neither Forest nor Jones picked the Atlantis Amusement Park ride, which is neither Tsunami nor Raging River.
  3. The ride at Corsair Cove isn't the one chosen by either Dan or Eric.
  4. The Big Dipper wasn't picked by Harmon or Jones.
  5. Both The Mummy and the ride picked by Ireland, neither of which is the ride at Boardwalk Amusements, are new to Ocean City this year.
  6. Ben's choice, which wasn't the thrill ride at Sharkey's Pier, would have been The Mummy, but another senior named it first.
  7. Tsunami wasn't picked by Harmon, who isn't Eric.
  8. The rides picked by Alex and Ireland and the one at Corsair Cove are all roller coasters.
  9. The Jones boy and the one who picked Grand Prix, who is neither Ben nor Alex, went parasailing at the beach one day.
  10. Neither Tsunami nor Raging River is at Corsair Cove.
  11. Jones and Harmon, neither of whom is Dan, will return later this summer with their families on vacation in Ocean City.
  12. Chad, the Ireland boy, and the one who selected Grand Prix all three also played miniature golf during the week.

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