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Flower Photos
Greenlake Gardens visitors buy original photographs of garden flowers.
May 28, 2007
By clue 1, the five photos sold by the Greenlake Gardens gift shop on Saturday sold for $300 to $800, with no two selling for the same amount (introduction). By clue 7, Wendy's photo cost twice as much as Long's, which sold for $100 less than Poppies. By clue 2, Tulips cost twice as much as Zimmer's picture. So, either all five photos are named between the two clues, or there is some commonality. Trying the latter case, if Tulips were Wendy's photo, then Long's and Zimmer's would have cost the same amount, contradicting the introduction. If Tulips were Long's picture, given that Zimmer's sold for at least $300 (1), by clues 2 and 7, Wendy's photo would have cost at least $1,200--no (1). So, Tulips is the fourth picture to the three named in clue 7. If Zimmer's photograph in clue 2 were Wendy's in clue 7, given that Long's sold for at least $300 (1), Tulips would have cost at least $1,200--no (1). If Zimmer's photo were Poppies, by clues 2 and 7, Long's photo would have sold for the $300 minimum; any other amount would make Tulips sell for more than $800, conflicting with clue 1. So, if Zimmer had snapped Poppies, Long's photo would have sold for $300, Zimmer's for $400, Wendy's for $600 (7), and Tulips for $800 (2). By clue 4, Branson's photo sold for $300 more than Lilies, which isn't the picture taken by Long. Lilies wouldn't be Wendy's photo, or Branson's would have sold for $900; so Lilies would be the fifth to the four in clues 2 and 7, which would include Branson's. Branson isn't Wendy, or Lilies would have sold for $300 (4) and be Long's picture, since Long's would have sold for $300 and no two photos cost the same amount; but Lilies isn't Long's photo (4). Branson's Tulips would have sold for $800, and Lilies would have cost its buyer $500 (4). However, there is now no way for clue 5--Mount's photo costing $100 more than Roses--to work. Therefore, Zimmer isn't the Poppies photographer; and all five flower photographs are named between clues 2 and 7: Wendy's, Long's, Poppies, Tulips, and Zimmer's. If Tulips had cost the most, $800 (1), and Zimmer's cost $400 (2), then Long's would have cost the least, $300 (1), and Poppies would also have sold for $400 (7), a contradiction with the intro. So, Wendy's picture cost the most, $800; Long's sold for $400; and Poppies netted $500. Zimmer's photo then cost the $300 (1), and Tulips went for $600 (2). By clue 4, Branson must be the Tulips photographer, and Zimmer shot Lilies. By clue 5, Mount took Poppies, and Long snapped Roses. By elimination, Wendy Cooper photographed Daffodils. By clue 6, John's picture cost $200 more than Grace's did. Since Grace didn't photograph Roses (5), John must be Mount; and Grace took Lilies. By clue 3, Shelley is Long and Peter Branson. In sum, the five Greenlake Gardens gift shop original photos sold for

  • Wendy Cooper's Daffodils, $800
  • Peter Branson's Tulips, $600
  • John Mount's Poppies, $500
  • Shelley Long's Roses, $400
  • Grace Zimmer's Lilies, $300

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