Flower Photos
Greenlake Gardens visitors buy original photographs of garden flowers.
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The gift shop at Greenlake Gardens had a banner Saturday, selling five framed photographs of flowers, including Daffodils, to garden visitors. Each photo is by a different professional, one by Cooper; and each sold for a different price. Can you clear up the Logic Puzzle picture by finding the full name (one first name is Peter) of each photographer, the subject of the photo he or she took, and for how much the photo sold?

  1. The most for which any of the five photos sold is $800 and the least $300.
  2. Zimmer's photo cost half as much as Tulips.
  3. Shelley's and Branson's flower pictures were displayed in the gift shop for the first time on Saturday.
  4. Lilies, which isn't the photograph taken by Long, sold for $300 less than Branson's picture did.
  5. Mount's photo sold for $100 more than Roses, which isn't the picture Grace shot.
  6. John's photo sold for $200 more than Grace's did.
  7. Wendy's picture cost twice as much as the one taken by Long, which cost $100 less than Poppies.