Girls Golf Championship
Local girls drive, sand blast, and putt their way through the annual tournament.
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Last week, the Norris girl and the seven other number one golfers from Summerset private schools, one being Bolton Arms, competed in a match play tournament to determine the private schools girls champion. The winners of the four quarterfinal matches were paired in the semifinals, with the two semifinal winners then playing for the title. Given the info below, can you find each golfer's full name and home school and who defeated whom in each quarterfinal through final tournament pairing?

  1. In quarterfinal play, Heather defeated Cheryl Silver while the competitor from Cathedral School lost to Brianna.
  2. Jessica and the Woods girl frequently practice against each other at the Summerset Heights Country Club.
  3. Kristen upset the Rivera girl 1-up in one match.
  4. Erica and the Thurman girl are both lefthanders.
  5. In the semifinal contests, the McKenzie girl overcame the Friends School golfer, and Dina was eliminated by the Whitechapel Prep number one.
  6. Brianna and Faith are the only two freshmen and thus played in the tournament for the first time.
  7. The golfer from Ste. Anne's Academy faced Kristen during the tournament.
  8. Faith, who isn't the Greystoke Prep golfer, lost to the Rivera girl in one tournament match.
  9. Jessica and the golfer from Ste. Anne's Academy, who isn't the Rivera girl, want to be professional golfers.
  10. Faith and the Cathedral School golfer, who isn't the Thurman girl, have the same private golf coach.
  11. In one match, the Price girl, who won last year's tournament, lost to the long driver from Newfields Prep, who isn't Brianna.
  12. The Owens girl played the Holyrood Academy number one in one tourney pairing.