Prom Queen
Who is Summerset High Prom Queen for 2007?
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Six senior girls, including the Vincent girl, were nominated by the members of the Junior Class to be this year's Summerset High Prom Queen. In the election by the entire student body, each of the contestants got a different number of the 3200 total votes cast, with the girl elected Prom Queen receiving 800 votes to win the title. Given the clues below, can you solve this mathematical Logic Puzzle by finding each Prom Queen candidate's full name and the number of votes she got in the balloting?

  1. Lara got 240 more votes than the Torres girl, who had twice as many votes as Nina.
  2. At the Junior Class assembly to nominate Prom Queen candidates, Kerrie was nominated just before the Roman girl was.
  3. The Young girl tallied half as many votes as Monica, who had 160 fewer votes than the Wilson girl.
  4. Monica and the Stone girl and their Prom dates are going to the dance together in a limousine after dinner at Chez Fernand's.
  5. Lara and the Roman girl were Junior Attendants to the 2006 Summerset High Prom Queen.
  6. Heidi, who isn't the Wilson girl, got 80 more votes than the Roman girl did.
  7. The girl who finished last in the contest is the school's yearbook editor and got the votes of all 80 members of the yearbook staff.
  8. Jana finished 4th in the balloting.